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APRIL 29 & 30, 2023

Does your church have a plan to help women facing unexpected pregnancies

in an abortion-free Idaho?

Stanton Healthcare makes it simple to be part of the solution!

Stanton provides a place of refuge and hope to women facing unexpected pregnancies through partnerships with our Treasure Valley church families.

By hosting a Baby Bottle Drive, the donations from your church family play a critical role in our ongoing ability to offer compassionate and quality healthcare…to save lives.

Our annual Stanton Spring Baby Bottle Drive kicks off the weekend of April 29 and 30, 2023.
This is a simple, fun, effective way to help moms in difficult circumstances and save the lives of babies while igniting Christ-centered passion and purpose throughout the church community of the Treasure Valley and beyond.




Stanton Ambassadors will be at your church service(s) on April 29 and/or 30 with plenty of baby bottles and a table of Stanton information. We will provide you with all the promotional
materials needed as well as a short, professional video to share during your service(s) on kick-off Sunday.



During the weeks of the Drive, you will continue to make short announcements (provided by Stanton) and encourage your church family to fill and return their bottles.



At the end of your service(s), church members may take home a baby bottle and return it three weeks later, on May 20/May 21, filled with coins, cash, or a check made out to Stanton Healthcare.



Stanton will pick up the bottles after your last service on May 20/21.

It's that easy to help save a life!

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In 2022, God blessed the ministry of Stanton as Roe v. Wade was overturned and we continued Creating a Community of Hope for women facing unexpected pregnancies.


Because of the faithfulness of God's people, we were able to help more Moms and babies than ever before. Thank you for your continued support.

Together, we will Make Abortion Unthinkable.


Linda Thomas, Director of Community Outreach

LINDA@STANTONINTERNATIONAL.ORG   |   208.803.1646   |   2176 E FRANKLIN RD. STE 130   |   MERIDIAN, ID 83642



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